Lineage II Medusa is an interlude (x75 mid rate) server with PVP balance as main focus that also includes party and daily instance farming. Our goal is to provide new and entertaining content to the community. To do so, our developer team has implemented next generation areas and mobs well adapted into an ancient mythology setting.

  • Exp/SP: x75
  • Party Exp/SP: x75
  • Adena: x75
  • Drop: х75
  • Spoil: x1
  • Functions: Auto Pick up & Auto Pots
Variable Enchant Rates:
  • Normal Scroll - 65% (crystalizes upon failure)
  • Blessed Scroll - 70% (returns to +3 upon failure)
  • Olympus Scroll - 75% (enchant level decreases by 1-3 upon failure)
Weapons: Safe:3 Max:20
Armors: Safe:3 Max:16
  • Olympus (Raidboss: Zeus)
  • Tartarus (Fighter Party Farm Zone)
  • Parnassus (Mage Party Farm Zone)
  • Elysian Fields (Lvl Up Zone)
  • Hade's Palace (Raidboss: Cerberus, Hades)
  • Asphodel Meadows (Solo Farm Zone)
  • Mansion of Nyx (Instance)
  • Labyrinth of Minotaur (Raidboss: Minotaur)
  • Parthenon (Clan PvP Zone)
  • Primeval Isle (Solo PvP Zone)

Extra in-game currencies obtainable by special tasks:

  • Emeralds
  • Sapphires
  • Fossils
  • Fragment of Despair
  • Pandora's Key Shard
  • Hydra eggs
  • Pure Wax
  • PvP Trophy
  • Event Glittering Medal

-We have implemented a unique balance system by minimizing the gap between players while giving the community a chance to use almost all classes and races. As such; weak classes like tanks, healers and dwarf classes have been boosted with extra skills. Extra skills are NOT usable in the Olympiad. -Using 2 cardinals in a party will result in a -25% healing efficiency penalty. For that reason, the remaining healing classes have been boosted and can participate in a party as primary healers. Each party can hold a specific number of classes:
  • x1 Dominator
  • x2 Healers
  • x2 Tanks
  • x3 Titans
  • Buff duration: 120 minutes
  • Max slots: 24
  • Divine Inspiration books for +4 slots
  • Noblesse & self buffs do not occupy slots
Special items have been implemented based on players’ needs in order to provide a fair and entertaining environment.
  • 2 Tier Special Armors
-Platinum Armor (1st Tier Armor)
-Asphodel/Tartarus/Elysian Armor (2nd Tier Armor)
  • 2 Tier Special Jewels
- Dorian & Ionian Jewels (A-grade) - RB Jewels (S-grade)
  • 1 Tier special weapons
-You can bestow 2 special abilities by using elemental stones
  • Shift & click on monster to reveal its drops
  • Shift & click on a player to reveal its equipment
  • Available commands:</font> .menu .ranks .vote .oly .bank
  • Players can farm Adena, Sapphires and Emeralds at Asphodel Meadows
  •  S grade equipment (armor parts & jewels) & Fragments of Despair can be dropped at Tartarus
  • S grade weapons & Fragments of Despair can be dropped at Parnasus
Asphodel Meadows is the Solo Farm Zone while Parnasus and Tartarus are the mage and fighter Party Farm Zones respectively.
Summoned pets boost farming abilities by increasing player’s maximum MP and MP regeneration.
  • Aeolus (Mountable)
  • Greygryps - boosts P.Atk
  • Teumessian Fox - boosts M.Atk
  • Pindus Bison - restores HP/MP
  • Special Agathions - restore CP
  • Players can use one active and one passive skill simultaneously
  • Rate varies between 4% and 8% depending on lifestone grade
  • Lifestones can be found inside Pandora Boxes
Recurring Solo and group PvP Tournament for players to compete and earn valuable rewards in the following modes:
  • 1v1
  • 2v2
  • 3v3
  • 5v5
Tournament Schedule: 11:15, 14:15, 17:15, 20:15, 23:15, 02:15
  • Noblesse status obtainable via original quest
  • Quest ingredients sold at Special Shop
  • Golden Skeleton Circlet reward
  • 3 Noblesse only skins
  • Barakiel spawn in 9+1 hours format

The domain of darkness that even God Zeus dares not enter. Such is the lair of Nyx and the nature of the primordial entity that resides there. Zeus was once hypnotized by Lord Hypnos and awoke furious. Lord Hypnos being chased by Zeus fled to his mother's mansion where inby Zeus the wise was afraid to follow...

You can either enter in solo or party mode

Drops: Platinum Armor parts, Nyx's Darkness (ring), Dorian/Ionian jewels, Special shields, Fossils , Blessed enchant scrolls, Olympus enchant scrolls, Elemental stones, Fragment of despair, Lifestones, Books of giant, Sapphires, Emeralds, Adena.

Grand Olympiad - Events Calendar - Lineage 2 Classic

  •  Olympiad period is 7 days
  • Up to A grade gear +6
  • Active Augment Buffs are restricted (Active Offensive skills & Passives are allowed)
  • Tattoos and Accessories are restricted
  • Dorian & Ionian jewels (A grade) are allowed in Olympiad

  • Fair donation system focusing on visuals and some in-game consumables or wearable items
  • Premium Status offers an exclusive name, +5% increased augment rate, free entrance to dungeons
  • No donation-exclusive items
  • No pay to win

By submitting donations you agree to the following: "Rewards" as nonreciprocal, voluntary transfers of assets from private organizations, individuals, or others to Lineage 2 Medusa. Donations as moneys and materials given by private persons and organizations to Lineage 2 Medusa without receiving anything in exchange. The term "Donation" is used interchangeably with the term "Reward" throughout this document. Upon helping, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive any compensation in exchange of the helping you made, but instead, given a virtual reward for your generosity.

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